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The Magical Unicorn Hood (& Leg Warmers)

For me, the most satisfying sewing projects are the ones that *magically* work out without a firmly pre-planned garment. If I don’t have any expectations, and if it ends up working out AND being awesome, I’m completely thrilled and proud of myself!

I scored this XL 80%cotton/20%polyester “Free People” hoody at Value Village a few months ago- the original $70 price tag was still on, unworn, and I only paid $8.


It can only get better from here.

I had no clear vision for this refashion. Eventually, I decided to make a hood and matching flare leg warmers from the bell sleeves. Here’s how it progressed:


I made my own hood pattern by tracing a hood of a sweater I have. Not the most precise method but hey, it worked out in the end!


I use gift wrap for my patterns. Sometimes it isn’t long enough and I have to improvise…hence the duct tape :p

Here’s the top of the leg warmer/ previously bell sleeve. I measured the circumference just below my knee- tight enough to keep the leg warmer in place, cut elastic in that size,and sewed the elastic within the seam.



>>Fast forward to all the pieces for the hood sewn together. I double layered the hood, with the fuzzy warm side of the fabric facing on the inside of the hood.


I turned this inside out after sewing the seam

The plain white hoody needed additional detailing and colour. I looked through fabric in my stash, and found purple fun fur and star fabric. I sewed these fabrics together and attached the rectangle to the rim of the hood.


With this colour scheme, suddenly I thought…AHAaaaa….I am going to make a magical unicorn hood!! I cut out three rectangles from the sweater, sewed the seams, and turned it inside out to create the unicorn horn.


I stuffed the horn with batting.


I added some sheer fabric to the bottom of the horn (from lingerie), and sewed this onto the top/front of the hood.


Unicorn horns recover well from being squished

Below was the bottom of the sweater- the random shape I was left with after cutting out fabric for the hood. I cut out star pattern in the same size/shape and sewed these fabrics together, sewed this piece onto the bottom of the hood to create  an asymmetrical “shrug” . I used snaps and buttons with fabric loops to secure the shrug at the front.


I bedazzled the base of the horn with gems. Verrrry slowly, one by one, with fabric glue.


And bedazzled the tops of the leg warmers:

img_6309Here’s how it turned out:


Closer look at the hood:


The bottom shrug section can be worn like that (above), or like this (below):


Top view>> showing the feather fascinator (clipped on):


This was such a fun creation!

“Where will you wear this?” my colleagues asked me. Ha, does a unicorn really have to explain?

Anytime, anywhere…. 😉





Cleo (Lunar Wear) custom made this amazing galaxy onsie for me a few months ago, go browse her etsy shop here and look at all the amazing things she has made on instagram!


3 thoughts on “The Magical Unicorn Hood (& Leg Warmers)

  1. This is so amazing! I love it! Can you hoop in it? You could hire yourself out for children’s parties! At the very least you are prepared for Halloween forever! I can’t believe someone bought the original hoodie, it’s insane!

    Liked by 1 person

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