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Ruffle Rage: Just hoop it out

For me, here are the main criteria for “hoop friendly” shorts: stretchy/breathable fabric, bright/aesthetically pleasing colours/patterns, tight yet comfortable fit to reduce the chances of hoop interference. Instead of buying new fabric to make “hoop-friendly” shorts, my challenge was to use fabric from deconstructed garments in my closet that I wasn’t wearing and/or did not fit. I did not take before or in process photos, oops!

I used parts of two cotton spandex stretch dresses (black and red), and most of a silk black and white polka dot skirt. I used the same shorts pattern I had successfully used in the past (see the circus shorts post here).

The challenging and time consuming part of this project was figuring out how to use my rolled hem foot and the ruffle foot with the silk fabric. I’ve rarely used the rolled hem foot, and I had trouble feeding the right amount of fabric through the foot to create a clean hemline. I (sort of) figured out the rolled hem foot with practice and several failed hems (SIGH). When my ruffle foot completely destroyed a piece of silk fabric (of course, the one with a perfectly rolled hem), the ruffle rage reached an unbearable level and I had to step away from the sewing machine and go hoop it out. Hooping– it’s such an effective coping strategy! After an hour+ of hooping, I had a renewed level of frustration tolerance and extra motivation to finish the project. My ruffle foot started cooperating, and I had enough ruffled silk to attach to the bottom of the shorts. The seam connecting the shorts to the ruffles isn’t perfect, but that’s okay;)

I was happy with how these turned out!


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