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The Bodysuit

Bodysuits were all the rage this summer. Similar to rompers and jumpsuits, they are generally made for the “average” torso length- which my torso is not. I have yet to find a bodysuit or romper that fits well. I found this 95% cotton, 5% spandex bodysuit at a store not to be named (…I admit, it was Walmart-cringe!) It was only $9.00. The poor person who sewed this garment, they probably got paid next to nothing in sh*& working conditions. Guilt aside, I thought I could make this bodysuit wearable. The torso was too short, so I ended up with an uncomfortable crotch situation:

I couldn’t even stand up straight, evidently.

I got this cotton spandex shirt at Value Village but I haven’t worn it much because it’s a tad too tight, but I love the tie dye.

I envisioned a strip of tie dye fabric at approximately the waistline of the bodysuit to lengthen the torso. Chop chop:

I pinned and sewed the fabric right side to right side:

Here’s how it turned out:

Messy hair, don’t care.

This additional fabric in the torso made it wayyyy more comfortable. I thought about adding tie dye fabric, ruffled, around the leg seams but I didn’t have enough fabric and didn’t think adding a solid pattern in a different fabric would look good. In hindsight I would have cut the bodysuit directly at the waistline so the tie dye addition would have started right below the bust. Ah well, this piece is still functional, and ideal for hula hooping!

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