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Felted Wool Sweaters to Hooded Scarf

With the arrival of fall and chilly weather, I was inspired to create something cozy from my stash of deconstructed felted sweaters. I traced a hood from a sweatshirt to create a “pattern”. I double layered it (made below x 2):

I cut pieces of felted wool and arranged them into two long rectangles (approximately 8 inches by 25 inches each) for the scarf.

I had to add some light blue to the ends of one rectangle as I ran out of dark blue and black wool. After sewing all the pieces together, I had two rectangles. I sewed two straight lines along each outer edge. I turned the rectangular tube inside out for a double layer of wooly goodness , which also served the purpose of hiding the seams on the inside.

I finished the edge of the hood with a rectangular piece of wool, which I folded in half lengthwise (photo below). In retrospect, I should have sewn the hood layers together and turned them inside out to end up with a finished outer edge. Meh, my “method” wasn’t ideal but it worked. The fun and sometimes frustrating part of a project like this is the creative problem solving required!

I cut out oval-ish shapes of different sizes from the light blue wool.

I only put a few stitches in the middle of each shape to create some texture.

I sewed the piece above to the outer edge of the hood rim, and then sewed the hood to the scarf. I added a button to the corner of the scarf. I made a button loop from scrap wool, and voila:

Final product:

Annnnd here I am wearing my cozy creation!

My friend who is a talented photographer (Leighanne) wouldn’t approve of the difference in lighting in all the photos, but hey, at least I tried to take some outdoor pictures around sunset! 😂

I’m happy with the final product! I would definitely make a variation of this again.


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