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Pull over sweaters to cardigan

I scored this cashmere pull over from value village a few months ago but hadn’t worn it out of the house. It was more of a “lounging” piece! I simply don’t think purple pull over sweaters are particularly flattering on me, but loved the ultra soft cashmere.




This classifies as an “XL” somehow. 

This merino wool pull over (a shrunken “XS”, or for a small child) was from a recent clothing swap.


Nope, my head will not fit through!


Post (likely) accidental shrinking, the label should say “XXXXXXS”

Here’s the Pinspiration for this project:

I followed that tutorial with a few minor adjustments.

I started by cutting the purple sweater up the centre front, including cutting out the pointed top of the neckline. I dissected the striped sweater and cut equally sized rectangles, then sewed 4 pieces together into one long strip of fabric.


Next I pinned the striped sweater onto the purple sweater (right side to right side), with the help of my duct tape body form–which I haven’t stuffed with foam or batting, but it does the job for now.


I sewed that seam, and after trying it on, I wasn’t quite sure how to finish the edge of the striped sweater. Finishing the edges of knits have been tricky for me in the past, so I decided to avoid that altogether and simply fold the material in half, hiding the raw edge on the inside of the sweater.


I used a three way tricot stitch on all three layers of fabric for fraying prevention, within the seam allowance.


Annnnd it turned out like this:


My body form displaying the end result:



I was fairly happy with the outcome 🙂


AFTER                  BEFORE

Minimal frustration and only a 2 hour time commitment– I’ll use this idea to breathe new life into other old sweaters.



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