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Wool sweaters to smittens

It’s such a score finding cashmere and soft merino wool sweaters at the thrift store. I felted these sweaters and made a stuffed puppy for my nephew months ago. For Christmas gifts, I decided to use the felted wool to make mittens (or, “smittens” rather).


I used the sleeves of this wool sweater dress (YES, a sweater dress!) for some smittens, adding pattern and contrast. I had a hard time cutting up the sweater dress – it was SO cozy and warm and I loved wearing it at home, but the frumpiness meant I should not wear it in public. Confession- I wore it everyday after work for three weeks before convincing myself it was time to cut it up. Second confession- I wore this to the grocery store once!


The couture is simply fabulous.

I used this tutorial from the Renegrade Seamstress, and slightly adjusted her pattern after making my first pairs of smittens. The first pair I made did not fit properly. Part of this was likely due to my disregard for accuracy during tracing and cutting. I sent them to my sister anyway, suggesting she could turn them into puppets. She says she wears them anyway, despite the duck-like feeling.


See how the thumbs are almost reach the top of the mit? Problematic.

Here’s a pair I made for my nonna. I don’t have a photo of her wearing them, I will have to take her photo next visit.


This is a pair I made for my other nonna. My pattern adjustment eliminated most of the duck hands by my third attempt here. I made the top piece of the mitten pattern 2-3 inches longer, and the bottom piece 2-3 inches shorter, so the seam at the palm more closely matched the natural palm (if that makes any sense)! It might help to look at the pdf of the pattern in the link to the tutorial above. I hand sewed on little pompoms and made a longer wrist/forearm piece instead of folding it over like the first smittens I made.

This pair was for my sister in law. I cut circles from a doily, and then cut hearts out of a red felted sweater. They aren’t perfect but that’s part of the homemade charm.



And the rest of the sweater dress? I’ll leave you wondering, and post the outcome soon!


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