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The Dragon Halloween Costume

My sister had a several great ideas for my nephew’s Halloween costume this year. We settled on the Paper Bag Princess and the dragon. There was so much Pinspiration for toddler dragon costumes! I started with a robe (which already had little ears and a face) from the thrift store, cutting it up the middle, and adding scales made from felt. I sewed 2 sides of the felted triangles, turned them inside out, and then sewed the scales into the seam.

I used some ideas from this tutorial to make the tail. I sewed the tail into the robe seam.


These foam chips always make a mess!

My sister added wings- the dragon needed to fly!

Here’s the final product:

More photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And good job, Mich, on your paper bag princess costume! Wish I could have been there to go trick or treating with the fam jam. If only portkeys were real 😉


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