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Bridesmaid Dress Refashion

Chiffon. It’s so light and flowy! But just don’t try to refashion something made of chiffon unless you have expert technical skills and experience with this material.

I was a bridesmaid in my best bud’s wedding in January this year. The chiffon dress was lovely but I knew I wouldn’t wear it again with the hemline being down to my ankles and looking, well, very much like a bridesmaid dress.

Here’s my girlfriend and I doing our silly dance:





The Birkenstocks are a nice finish to the ensemble, wouldn’t you agree? Haha, that was for the end of the night when the heels were too much to handle. Isn’t she a gorgeous bride?!

Here’s another look at the entire bridesmaid dress, silliness aside.


My cousin recently got married in Jasper (so much funnnn!), and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to refashion and re-wear my bridesmaid dress! I started by cutting a high low hemline…and knew this wouldn’t be an easy feat when I could barely cut a straight line. The material was SUPER slippery. I tried to use a rolled hem foot and a tiny needle to do the hem on some scraps as practice, and the result was nothing short of disastrous. So disastrous that I am too embarrassed to post a photo!

In desperation, I brought the dress to the tailor. They used a special tool to blow chalk onto the dress (while I was wearing it) to measure an even hemline. They did a “double baby hem” but didn’t let me in on the details of how they actually did it. The hem looked really clean and professional, and I was very impressed.

Check it out:

I’m so happy I got to wear this again!

I will avoid working with chiffon in the future and leave it to the expert seamstresses.

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4 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Dress Refashion

  1. Hi Guillia I am a cousin on your dad side my name is marian, the dress looks beautiful on you and so glad you shorten it and yes chiffon is really hard to work with as is other slippery material but here is the trick go to the fabric store and as for a stabilizer the kind that washes out you may have to cut in strips to do a rolled hem but it work for scarfs and anything you want to do really PS you looked beautiful. Last time I saw you it was at your Grandpa’s funeral


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