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Felted wool sweaters to puppy

It was my nephew’s second birthday in May and I wanted to sew him something. The public library has a lot of great sewing books– including “Sewing Green” which had this great pattern for a stuffed puppy made from felted wool!

I have quite a few lovely merino wool sweaters from value village that I had in my to-refash-stash….and I thought this was the perfect idea to use (some) of the wool.

I had never felted wool before, but it wasn’t too difficult (essentially washing in hot water + agitation + machine drying  on high heat to shrink).


Felted and ready to go!

I chose blue for the body and black for the spot and nose. I cut out all the pieces of the pattern. I used contrasting yellow cotton fabric (with stars!) for the ears and the tail.

I was so excited about this little puppy and the cuteness factor that I wasn’t paying close attention to the task at hand. The ears and tails were supposed to be INSIDE the puppy  so that when it is turned inside out after sewing the seams, they are outside the puppy. Woops. So I seam ripped and re-sewed.  No big deal- this happens often during my refashions.IMG_3510

And then I stuffed that baby with foam (with the help of a chopstick). Foam EVERYWHERE!


Check out the final product!


And my nephew loved his little puppy!

Yup, he’s the cutest!

IMG_1728I will definitely make this puppy again!


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