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Frumpy button up shirt transformation

I found this LOVELY cotton button up at the thrift store. Loved the pattern, loved the fabric, did not love the fit nor the collar.


So hot.

I removed the sleeves and collar, and then took in the sides a few inches. Then I sewed those sleeves back on.


I have never refashioned a collar….so this was my first attempt! I wanted a peter pan style collar in a contrasting collar. I used the remnants of a men’s button up shirt from a previous refashion.


I googled “peter pan collar” and sure enough, there were several video tutorials. I sorta followed this one.


Measuring the curve and making a pattern


Half of the collar



The other half…

And I didn’t account for the seam allowance…and ended up with a gap at the back of the collar!! So I made an extension with more fabric “tubes”, and hoped it would solve the problem.


It’s not the cleanest looking collar! But it will do…


After trying the shirt on, I decided it needed more waist definition. I used the men’s button up shirt remnants to make a tube of fabric, which I then attached to the side seams, made some button holes, and hand sewed on some vintage gold buttons.

Annnnnd then it turned out like this:


The front!


The back!

Not too bad for my first collar refash attempt! Next time I’ll make the collar much longer than I think I will need. Too much fabric is always better than too little!!


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