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Bohemian Dress(es)–> Skirt + Dress

I found this gem at Goodwill in Phoenix, Arizona. I couldn’t do up the zipper, but loved the colour and the bohemian style.

Thanks to my Aunty Barb for bringing me to Goodwill and all the estate sales in Phoenix! I got lucky at one estate sale and found exactly what I was looking for- some great vintage buttons, a fur stole, andddd a rustic clock!

I could picture an anthropologie-esque refashion. I started by cutting at the fabric and the zipper, at approximately waist level. I couldn’t figure out how to make the waistband (as per usual). While consulting with a fellow seamstress, I tried on the “skirt” and the zipper pull came off the zipper-oops. There was no way I was getting the darn zipper pull back on the zipper. So back to the drawing board…


Eliminating the zipper entirely

I got this from a recent clothing swap. I liked the detail on the top but thought it looked much like lingerie for wearing in public. I also wasn’t sure if I could breathe properly with all the buttons done up.


I pulled the dress down to my waist and VOILA- an instant waistband! I seam ripped the straps off. And cut off the bottom panel of fabric.


There were two layers of lovely, soft white cotton. The coral almost-a-skirt had a gross polyester lining…so I decided to cut the lining out, and use the soft cotton as the lining layer.


Goodbye polyester lining


Hello lovely cotton against my skin!

I zigzagged those raw edges to prevent fraying, and then pinned the two cotton layers to the coral layers, right sides to the right sides. I was lucky that both pieces of fabric were almost the same size! Sometimes things do work out when you don’t measure 🙂


Sewing through all those layers

And then the moment of truth…it worked! It worked!


A skirt!!

And take a look at the back.


The back

And it can morph into a dress too! I used a section I cut from the coral dress to make a sash.


A dress!


The back

And like most refashions, things don’t always go the way I planned…but it’s the process and the problem solving that makes it fun (and frustrating if it doesn’t work out in the end!). I do love those bell sleeves from the coral dress, but wasn’t sure what to do with them yet, so to the refash stash they go.

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3 thoughts on “Bohemian Dress(es)–> Skirt + Dress

  1. Love it!!!! both as skirt and dress! and the sash is such a pretty and one of a kind detail! can’t wait to see you in it in the flesh! xoxox


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