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A Romper Wedgie is Never Good

I’ve always liked the look of rompers but could never find one that flattered. Or that fit well. And this romper from value village was no exception:



I loved the combination of prints and colour/black and white.  I did not love the (double) wedgie.

I pondered how I was going to make the torso longer…and eventually decided I would make a halter and leave the back open.

Woops, didn’t take a “before” photo of the back, but I think you can put it together from the photos below.

I used 4 way jersey stretch material to make the halter “straps”. I folded the material in half, sewed a seam, and turned each tube inside out with the help of my wooden stick (photo 2, so much more efficient than using a safety pin)!

And then I sewed the straps to the front of the romper.

Next, I worked on the back section.

Photo 1: There’s the back, seam ripped from the front section at the shoulder seam

Photo 2: Back section chop time

Photo 3: Folding that raw edge over (after zigzagging for fraying prevention)

I thought I was done, but alas, there is ALWAYS at least one unexpected problem to solve. There was a significant amount of risky exposure to the (ahem) *sides*, if you know what I mean! I added two small triangles of the jersey stretch material to each side of the torso section in attempt to avoid a Janet Jackson superbowl moment.

And then it ended up like this:



And here’s the back:


Oh woops, wasn’t ready for the photo! Yep, I’m walking away

All in all, not too technically challening nor too frustrating. I think I’ll wear this!

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5 thoughts on “A Romper Wedgie is Never Good

  1. you better wear it; it’s gorgeous and looks great on you! I am waiting for Vanessa’s sewing machine to emerge from behind futon before I can do any ‘transitional’ sewing! not nearly as creative but I hope to save a few things!
    Thanks for posting!

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