Refashion / Sew

Dress to Skirt


Hrmph. I couldn’t think of a crafty name for this refash, so a boring title it will be.

But the outcome of the refashion is definitely not boring (in my opinion).

I started with this dress, which I found in the “ethnic” section at value village.


A little too much with all those sequins and beads as one piece. I decided to separate the bodice from the bottom panel. It was a bit tricky cutting near beads, but thankfully I didn’t destroy my scissors or the lovely beads!


Then I seam ripped to make one long piece of fabric.


It would be great to have some technical knowledge about how to make a waistband. Something about making a contour so that it lays flat against your body?? But as per usual, I winged it. I measured my waist where I wanted the skirt to sit (after “trying” on the bottom panel to see how it draped on various waist levels)  and then marked off where I wanted the new seam to be. I turned over the raw edge, making a sort of waistband. I hope it doesn’t fray inside the seam.

Because this material did not stretch whatsoever, I had to install a zipper. BLEHHhh. It has been quite a while since I installed my first zipper. I don’t remember how to do it. At all. The zipper I wanted to use was “invisible”, so it was a different set of (still) confusing instructions. I persevered and after about 40 minutes, I was pleasantly surprised (and proud) that I had installed my first invisible zipper correctly!! I even managed to get the zipper pull lined up with the waistband.

After that exhausting zipper business, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with the bodice, so for now it will be stashed in the “to refash” bin.

Here’s the skirt.


It worked! It worked!


It’s fun to twirl!


The back

Here’s the before/after:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cheers to the challenge of zippers. Practice, practice, practice….(more than twice in a 7 month period!) and I may just enjoy installing them at some point in the future.



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