No-sew / Refashion / Restyle

Bohemee-ization of a modern lamp shade…

…and the making of a somewhat better shirt!

I started hula hooping last year in January (this is relevant, I promise). Thanks to Sam for forcing me to go to classes when I told her, “well what the heck can you do with a hula hoop besides put it around your waist?!” It turns out that there is SOOO much you can do. Also, thanks to Kelly Janes my hula hoop mama/instructor (check out her classes and hoops here)! A year and some later, I’m totally addicted. I’m so addicted that I need my fix of hula hooping on a daily basis. And that means I have to hoop in my condo. This can be dangerous at times (for both my face and various delicate items in my condo). So a few weeks ago, as I was practicing twin hoops, one hoop viciously jumped from my hand and decided to smash my lights.



I didn’t like those stupid lights anyway. Alas- a real excuse to buy a new light fixture. Off to Ikea I went and settled on a large pendant light. Metal, and able to swing, and very accepting of future hula hoop encounters! I thought black would be a good option as I have neutral walls and a light floor.



But after it was installed, it looked too stark and much too modern. My style is bohemian/hippie/mismatched/kind-of-crazy interior decor.

And here comes the refashion/restyling magic.

As I was perusing my closet for give aways at for a recent clothing swap, I found this strange shirt. It was from urban outfitters several years ago.


This ruffle is in the wrong place. Hrmmm.

As I was about to throw this in the swap pile, an amazing idea popped into my head. How about adding the ruffle to the bottom of the lamp shade? That would bohemee-ize (definition- verb; to make bohemian, I think I just made that up) the light!

I used my new pinking shears (thanks, mom) and cut off the ruffle off, leaving the serged edge intact. There would be no fray parties here.

And whuddya know, the ruffle/”skirt” fit PERFECTLY over the lipped edge of the lamp shade….these two were MADE for each other.


EEee so cute. 

Yes, this is so much more my style.

I considered hemming the shirt, however the material was already pinking sheared, quite thin (might have been tricky to hem) and I wasn’t sure I’d wear it out of the house anyway.


Not bad, eh?

And then I had to try out my new shirt and hula hoop in my living room.


Reverse weeve woop woop!

Of course, my hoops did run away on me a few times, and even hit the lamp–no damage done! YIPEEeeeee!


This move didn’t turn out well. 

Awesome pants, right? Check them out from Sam (she sews amazing things!!!) here and her twitter at @freeaphrodite

BEFORES                                         AFTERS



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