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A Christmas Dress ReFashion

Hey, it’s Christmas!

It’s been exactly one year since my parents gave me a sewing machine. So, it’s also my sewing machine’s one year birthday today…Happy Birthday, Sewing Machine!

In the spirit of the holidays, here is a festive refashion.

I was thrilled to find this vintage dress at Value Village this past summer:


I wasn’t thrilled about the sleeves!

However, the dress fit well and required very little effort to make it wearable.

I got rid of those shoulder pads.


And seam ripped the sleeves off.


I zig zagged (tricot stitch to prevent bunching) the edges of the armholes because I could see that the polyester wanted to have a fray party in the near future. Then I simply folded over the armhole and sewed it down, encasing the “raw” edge.


I thought about bringing up the hemline but decided against it- this polyester was hard to work with and wouldn’t look as clean if I cut it and attempted to finish the raw edge.

And here it is, Christmas style!


Photo Credit: my wonderful cousin, Vanessa!

Don’t you love the leopard slippers?! They really complete the look!


Photo Credit: Fantastic Vanessa again!

Thanks to my Nonnas (both seamstresses themselves) for inspiring me to sew!

Happy Holidays, everyone.

I’d love to know (on this One Year Sewing Machine Birthday) which of my refashions has been your favourite and why.

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