Re-Refashion: Awkward Length Blazer

Early in my sewing days, I refashioned



into THIS

IMG_2310 IMG_2301


(1) No shape without a belt…as shown above!!

(2) With a belt, the fabric bunched awkwardly

(3) Mismatched fabric weights- bottom panel was much heavier than the blazer linen

Perhaps my refashion resulted in an even MORE awkward blazer (maybe this is not technically a blazer as my dad pointed out but it’s not really a jacket either). And I haven’t worn it once (surprise, surprise).

It was time for a re-refashion…

I patiently seam ripped (although I will admit that I thought about cutting it to save time!).


The blazer was still slightly too wide (the initial refashioning involved taking in the sides a few inches) resulting in an unflattering look:


Too square

I solved this problem by adding a button near the bottom hem and overlapping the material. Thanks to my mom for donating crazy neon green buttons from the 80’s (ummm or maybe I went through her button supply and took ’em!)! They were too big to fit in my buttonhole foot so I had to freestyle the button hole. I used a zigzag stitch with a really short stitch length and made a rectangle.


Not bad for freestylin’

I added a second decorative green button to the middle of the blazer- gladly the blazer did not gape open so I didn’t have to make a second functioning button hole.


So bright!! 🙂

And here’s the finished product!


IMG_3133IMG_3150 IMG_3134

I’m happy with the lack of back gappage (pic 2)! I can’t explain wearing sunglasses inside.

Okay, maybe it’s because I was too lazy to do my make up ;).


IMG_2287 IMG_2310 IMG_2301

I will definitely wear my Re- ReFashion soon!!

The lovely purple fabric was not forgotten. It found a new home where it will get more attention!

BEFORE                                                               AFTER

IMG_3158 IMG_3157 IMG_3159


2 thoughts on “Re-Refashion: Awkward Length Blazer

  1. This looks very chic- I especially like the pop of color of the buttons you borrowed from my button collection. It’s ok bella, I don’t think I really need them.


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