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Scratchy sequin dress transformed 3 ways

This sequin material caught my attention and I just couldn’t resist buying this new dress in New York several years ago. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize in the fitting room was just how those sequins would scratch the $%*# out of my inner arms as I walked. Needless to say, this dress has only been worn to two events since then. Somehow it has remained in my closet for years….I guess it’s the sparkle!!


Who knew sequins could be so evil?!

My plan was to make a skirt (initially). I chopped off the top part responsible for severe inner arm scratching! There are actually two layers- an inner slip and then the sequin material.


Since the fabric had some stretch to it, I didn’t have to worry about inserting a zipper. I used jersey stretch material for the waistband.


pin time

I sewed the jersey stretch material to the sequin+slip layers…and when I got to the side seams, stopped sewing as I realized I couldn’t adjust the waistband and evenly distribute the remaining fabric if I sewed down the whole waistband. I finished the raw edges of back side seam to side seam with a strip of jersey stretch material as well. This might make more sense when you see the final product :)…


When I tried the skirt on, I realized it could also be a dress!! Lucky that I chose to make a wide waistband which could also become the bust section. Soft jersey material under my arms= no scratching! And of course I couldn’t let that feather/tulle puff from the original dress go to waste…it became my hair piece!


Again, sorry for the lack of cropping in these photos- for some reason when I import the photos into my blog they default back to the original photo. Anyone know how to fix this?


The back can be tied like this….(don’t mind the bruise from a moutain biking crash- it would have been cropped out!)


…or tied like this!

And here’s the same garment transformed into a skirt…



A little bow at the back- hard to see with the lighting

Selfie of the hair piece (essentially just pinned into my hair- didn’t even finish the raw edges!)


I’m confident that these sequins will see more than the inside of my closet now!!

BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER

IMG_3083 IMG_3094 IMG_3101IMG_3115


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