Non-Clothing, Majority Non-Refashions

it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something….that doesn’t mean I haven’t been sewing! Okay, I’ll admit I have been giving my mountain bike more attention than my sewing machine of late.

Looking at a needle (although occasionally hypnotizing) cannot compare with this view:


Lake Minnewanka, Banff

I’ve made a few non-clothing items during the past month:

(1) Leather clutch

(2) Decorative shower curtain

(3) Ironing board cover

I didn’t take “in the process” photos as I wasn’t planning to post these items. So, in brief…

(1) Leather clutch

My sister asked me if I could make her a leather clutch for her birthday. I wasn’t too confident I could do it, but thankfully someone has posted detailed step by step instructions of how to make it!! Check out this awesome tutorial:

I used a thrifted leather jacket, and some new fabric for the lining.

Here’s the finished product:

IMG_4553 IMG_4554 IMG_4555

Not bad, eh?

(2) Decorative shower curtain

Thanks to my talented and generous Aunt, I was able to access a “secret” fabric store (not to be named!) for my shower curtain project.

I used a lovely cotton-linen blend paired with a bold red through the middle:

IMG_3065 IMG_3063 IMG_3062

Because I had lost my patience and “just wanted to finish the darn project”, I didn’t measure the grommet holes before cutting. The grommets come in pairs, two pieces of plastic that clip together, with a minimal margin of error for grabbing the fabric…and in my rushed approach, I ended up cutting several holes too large. Ahhhhh well, you can’t really tell…well that is, unless you look at the grommet (not even that closely)! Woops.


I had sore fingers for DAYS after as I attempted multiple times to get the grommet and the fabric JUST in the right place so that the grommet would clip together and the fabric would stay enclosed within the grommet. Some of the grommets look good but ~50% have fabric on the loose. Ooof!

(3) Ironing board cover

This happened…


YEUP- that is plastic melted all over my iron. It was the top of a pin box that SOMEHOW jumped up onto the iron. Who knew plastic had wings?!

Unfortunately, some of the plastic also managed to get onto the ironing board cover. There was no way to get the plastic off the fabric; however, with plenty of patience and grit I was able to get the plastic off the iron. Actually, it was quite therapeutic to pop the plastic out of those little holes with tweezers. Almost as good as popping bubble wrap!

I salvaged the outer casing + string of the ironing board cover and then sewed that to some new fabric. I made a button holes and then used some ribbon to keep the cover taught (as naturally, I did not measure the fabric, just guestimated!!):

IMG_3080 IMG_3081

And so, I’ve learned I really DO need to measure….patience, Giulia, patience!!

My refashion closet is calling…I’ll get brainstorming.


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