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Hippie Vibes

This bold fabric caught my eye at the thrift store:


What a face!!

Do I look like a frumpy hippie? Maybe I look like I look like I’m wearing fabric that should be a curtain? Haha, anyways, I did see some potential in this dress. It even had a working zipper in the back, so if I felt the urge to make it super fitted, it was possible (and I could still procrastinate learning how to install a zipper).

Also, it was made in Canada. Truly vintage.


I started by chopping off some length. The bottom section of fabric would become my sash.

IMG_2895Since there was a slit down the sides, I had two pieces of fabric from the bottom of the dress. I sewed the two pieces together together (to make it long enough for a waist sash), then folded the fabric in half (right side to right side).


I sewed a straight line (making a tube) and then pulled the fabric through to the right side:


And then I hemmed the raw edge of the dress. I used a metallic needle with metallic thread and guess what? The thread didn’t even break once (right tool for the right job)!! Hurrah!!


After trying it on with the sash, I decided I liked the draping extra fabric around the torso, and therefore didn’t need to take it in (less work–>YES!!).

Here’s the final product:IMG_2903


A fast and easy refash! Maybe now the dress exudes somewhat less curtain vibe and somewhat more hippie vibe…what do you think?!

BEFORE                                AFTER                                   


12 thoughts on “Hippie Vibes

  1. I love the transformation! You are so creative. The fabric design is lovely, and the sash was a fabulous idea, bringing our eye to your tiny waist, and decreasing the volume of dress. I have one suggestion for you (and it is only that, so take it or leave it). Try taking the sleeves up to just above your elbow. It will bring our eyes right to that lovely waist of yours, and will further accentuate what you are doing with the sash. Or take them up even a little higher. This was a trick I learned in wardrobe analysis for different body shapes. The eye is drawn to where the sleeve ends…so for myself, with the bigger hips, yet having a waist, I would select sleeves that came to just above my elbow, drawing the eye to what I consider my smallest feature, and taking the eye away from my hips. I love, love LOVE what you are doing to these cast offs. Breathing new life into vintage pieces.

    Love and hugs,


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