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Shape up, Muumuu

It all started with this muumuu from The Beloved Value Village…



Gorgeous embroidery detail! Plenty of fabric to work with!

First of all, I cut off the sleeves. Hopefully I’ll be able to use these sleeves in another refashion. I hemmed the arm holes by turning under the fabric once. One day, I need to learn how to make and use bias tape- it makes things the edges look much more professional.


I took both sides in about 3-4 inches and zig zagged the raw edges. Fray no more, fabric!

I wanted to avoid installing a zipper (okay, someday I will have to attempt a zipper) so an elastic waistband was the shaping solution. I used the same process as I did in a previous refashion (Nonna’s Dress Refashion). Although the elastic looks lopsided in the photo, it’s actually relatively straight in real life (phewf).


Next was cutting a high-low hemline.


Hemming was a bit tricky due to the curvy line. Next time I cut this type of hemline, I’ll reduce bulk around the curves by cutting out small triangles of fabric at the raw edge, and then hem.

I tried it on and the armholes were gaping big time. Dun dun dun…..time for attempting bust darts! I read several blogs and even my sewing book to try to wrap my head around darts. I love Tilly and the Buttons blog- check it out here.

But no amount of reading the theory could prepare me for the practical thing, and with no pattern I basically just guessed: where to start the dart, how much fabric to take in, dart length etc.


The first bust dart Giulia ever created! *okay maybe there were 4 or 5 seam ripped out before the final dart here…

It took me a few tries to get the darts even close to acceptable, but I think I’m (relatively) satisfied with how they turned out. I mean, really, who is going to look THAT closely at my bust to point out the itty bitty pointed edges at the base of the darts? On the bright side, I was very impressed with how nicely the bust darts eliminated the gaping armholes.

And the here is the muumuu, all shaped up:


I wore the muumuu to work with a blazer. Nobody asked if I made it…success!

BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

IMG_2755 IMG_2863 IMG_2860


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