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Risky Slitness

Take a look at this gem:


Alright, so maybe it’s not a gem quite yet

Pros: (1) Fit me quite well (2) Lovely white lace fabric with a 2 layered lining (3) No stains/rips (4) Only cost $6.00!

Cons: (1) The slit revealed some serious thigh and was at risk of revealing butt…yet the hemline was down to my ankles!


This dress doesn’t make sense.

First of all, I chopped off a fair bit of length. I decided to cut the 2 inner layers shorter than the lace, so that there would be some leg showing through the lace (just the right amount of leg revealage).


Three layers of fabric!

I wasn’t exactly sure how to close up the slits, but eventually decided on using grossgrain ribbon to connect the slits on the wrong side of the fabric.


“celebrate it!”….ummm celebrate ribbon?!

I pinned the ribbon (tried to make it centred) onto one side of the slit. This shows the right side of the fabric:


And then placed the two slits flush as I sewed em’ down with a zig zag stitch.


Goodbye scandalous slit!

This is how the closed up slit looked from the right side. I left a couple inches of slit open.


Not bad!

After doing this, I’m not sure that I REALLY needed to use the ribbon as I could have just zigzagged the two slits together…but the fabric may have pulled apart during sewing. So maybe it was a good idea to use ribbon as a sort of “stabilizer”/connecting piece?

I finished the 2 inner layers of fabric with a zigzag to prevent fraying. When I too the “after” photos I hadn’t hemmed the lace yet because I was worried that it would pucker…but later on I decided to hem the lace. Thanks tricot zigzag stitch for helping the lace stay flat!



Look how flat it is! Yippee!


Some things are better flat

Here’s what it looked like before I hemmed the lace (not bad, but doesn’t look completely finished):





These slits are much more modest

My refashioned dress was worn in public- can you believe it? I went to a see Rah Rah and Yukon Blonde play a free concert….how much thriftier can you get?


Music in the sun!

And here’s what the dress looked like after I hemmed the lace- better, right?

BEFORE                                                                       AFTER


4 thoughts on “Risky Slitness

  1. This is another beautiful creation; good for you Gules….just lovely…i love lace toooooo! and you totally modernized it up with the shortening up the inner layer!

    I have so many things that just need a tweak or two but NO sewing machine, argghhhh…Van has the one that used to live in our house; I may have to steal it back as she has so many other craft projects, ideas and interests whereas I really only like to sew, at least for now!

    Glad to hear you keep your 4 days til September; hopefully another 4 day will come up!

    xoxox, love

    aunty barbie

    Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 03:37:39 +0000 To:


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