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Men’s shirt + Lady’s shirt–>Dress

I nearly gave this mex button up shirt away at the most recent clothing swap I attended. It fits well, but I haven’t worn it much since I purchased it years ago.


Rouching is a plus!

I’ve been reading plenty of refashion blogs lately, and I was inspired by several men’s button up shirt refashions. Check out SO MANY inspiring men’s shirt reafshions here. Kudos to these refashioners for sharing their creativity!

I got this men’s shirt at Value Village for a whole 6 bucks. I love the soft fabric and colour. Fast forward to chop time.


I chopped off the lady’s shirt at approximately my waist (woops, somehow the bottom piece of the shirt was not added to the photo). Chop time for the collar and the sleeves.

IMG_2713I zig zagged all the raw edges I had just created to prevent fraying. Next, I pleated and pinned the fabric from the men’s shirt onto the lady’s shirt, right side to right side. I wasn’t exactly sure how the pleats would look in 3d form, but just winged it and hoped for the best!



Unfortunately, the buttons and button holes were on opposite plackets on men’s versus lady’s shirts…so I had to rip the buttons off the men’s shirt and sew button boles on…more practice with button holes and hand sewing I suppose? I used matching-ish white buttons on the men’s shirt and one of my nonna’s vintage buttons as a contrast (this is actually upside down):


And this is how it turned out!




Depending on how I stand (or walk…or move at all!), the pleats may drape nicely or they may gape…but that’s okay, I think I’ll just embrace it. Next time I make a dress from two button up shirts, I’ll baste the pleats, try it on to make sure the pleats drape nicely, and THEN sew it down!

Anyhow, congrats to me that I actually wore this dress to work (gasp!) with black leggings, boots, and a blazer. And people didn’t ask me, “Did you make that?”, so I figure that’s a good sign. Unless they were thinking that but were too polite to comment!





It’s always surprising what I can create with what I already have in my closet + thrifted items.


3 thoughts on “Men’s shirt + Lady’s shirt–>Dress

  1. I’ve always thought it was funny that they never changed women’s buttons over, since we haven’t had ladies’ maids and such for a century! It’s like the qwerty keyboard, we can’t change now!
    Anyway, your dress looks awesome! Good on you for wearing it to work!


  2. @Vanessa- thanks for the garment education! News to me that buttons are always on opposite sides for men’s vs lady’s shirts. So for the next t-shirt refash, I’ll use either 2 men’s shirts or 2 lady’s shirts :0


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