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Free the monkey arms.

Sweet score at value village for 6 bucks! Selling features included linen (in anticipation of the summer heat!), neckline, and the embroidered details (also on the back). My monkey arms were busting out of this.


When it’s hot enough to wear linen, it’s too hot to wear sleeves. Goodbye sleeves!


I used my overedge foot to prevent fraying, and then turned the raw edge under for a top stitch around the armpit.

An example of how bad lighting can change colours in photos:


is this even the same shirt?!

A closer look at the completed armpit and the pre-completed neckline.  Oh yes- you can also see the back detail in this photo. One day I hope to learn how to make professional looking necklines like this…SIGH!!


Annnnnd here’s the final product. The entire project took under 45 minutes. That is lightning fast for me! I’m beginning to appreciate that not all refashions have to be complex and effortful. Sometimes simple is good.



Easy and breezy beautiful refash!! That was not plagiarized from a commercial. At all.

BEFORE                                    AFTER



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