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Part Two of Tutu..I mean Two!

Here’s part two of my sister’s thrift shop picks for me to refashion!

The bottom is a TUTU- how fun is that?!! I actually love the whole dress but it was just slightly too short for me…


Scandalous heights!

Sooooooo the top section was eliminiated!


I hemmed and hawed between a skirt and a dress. I didn’t have any tanks or fabric that would match the bottom part. So decision made- a skirt it would be! Initially I thought I would leave a wider “wasitband” section for the new skirt.

My errors in summary: attempted rolled hem foot with an elasticized/shirred waistband which is the back part of the dress, resulting in super curly hemline that would not sit flat on my waist. Boooooo!!!!


Top view….not good!

So, I had to chop off more of the waistband section (which thankfully, there was alot of!)….overlocked the raw edges and turned it over to hem.


…and it ended up pretty swell! Check it out:



It’s a love/hate thing with shirred waistbands!

I love the fact I didn’t need to deal with zippers. But did learn that elasticized/shirred sections also need special treatment!

I can also wear a longer black tank and then it looks more like a dress:


Sunglasses to complete the lady in black look!

This tutu makes me feel like a kid again… Maybe I should jump- just for my lovely sister! (*my sis always does jumping photos although in much better locations than the photo below!!!)


Yippeeeee! A TUTU!!!

BEFORE                                     AFTER

IMG_2330 IMG_2390


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