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Re-refashion: Collar Exchange

When I lived in Montreal, I loved shopping at La Gaillarde, “boutique mode ecologique”, reviving forgotten clothes and promoting Quebecois fashion designers. I bought several refashioned/upcycled pieces from this store. I wear all of those pieces, except this tank top which I don’t find to be overly flattering!!


Not impressed with the clingy green material in the torso section!

You can’t tell the true extent of unflatterage because I cut off the bottom part of the photo- it was THAT bad!!

On the upside, the collar is pretty sweet.


Check out this rad collar! You can pull the silk part to make it tighter at the top and drape it in different ways


Get ready for a re-refashion, tank top!

My mom also loves to shop. She loves to shop for things and then never wear them!! But that’s rare, right Mom?! I’m fine with that, particularly since I’ve started sewing and refashioning clothes! She gave me this black basic dress:


Ok what is going on with this collar?

Ummmmm….ribbed collar? Yuck yuck yuck…that reminds me of horrid turtlenecks I used to wear back in the day.

Don’t mind the scary skin colour in the photo below-I had to change the exposure so you could see the ribbed texture. The bottom is actually pleated (NOT ribbed), and I do like pleats. Ribs and pleats are two very different things!


Two thumbs down! Ribbed collar must go!

DE-ribbage time:


Whew…better already!

I turned the dress inside out, and decided that I wanted the old collar’s green part (inside) to face outwards (right side of the fabric) and the black side (outside) to face inside (wrong side of the fabric)…so I kept the new collar as it was on the tank top, meaning that when I turned it inside out, that the green part should be on the outside (right side of the fabric). Okay that was confusing- inside, outside, right side of the fabric, wrong side of the fabric…argh!  Sometimes my brain doesn’t understand all this outside inside business!! But I’m working on it 🙂

Pinning was a bit finnicky because the new collar was slightly bigger than the old collar. So I pinned at front and back (1/2 way), and then halfway between those measurements (pins at 1/4 of the dress collar)…and then attempt to gather material equally between pins.


My dress form is good for something!

And then it was time to sew it down!


This seam is going to be kinda bulky, but maybe the extra weight will keep the collar down!

Here’s the final product!


Ahhhh….to be ribless!!

The new collar can be draped in different ways. Comes in handy if you need to hide your face, have a nap, or play peek-a-boo at any moment!!


I don’t think I can walk like this!

Annnnnnd the whole refash of a refash didn’t even take me too long, or cause too much grief. Phewf

                                      BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

IMG_2338 IMG_2339IMG_2349


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