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Part one of Two: Back Attack! and the not so closeted lace addiction!

Part one of two: Refashioning from my sister’s second hand picks!

Check out this super cute linen/cotton dress!


Attempting to close the snaps…

I’m was happy with the high-low hemline and the torso section. My busty-ness prevented me from closing the back snaps.


If I just pull a little harder….

Hmmm how to make this work? First I attacked the back sections with my sharp shears. I also had to get rid of the straps in the process, because they were attached to the section I had to cut off 😦 …ah well, they weren’t that great anyhow.


Maybe those snaps will come in handy for another refashion?!

And used my over edge foot/”serge” stitch to neaten up the newly raw edges


This looks alright!

Now I needed to add something to the back panel.  I don’t wear this lace tank below alone (it’s see through!) but could never find the right layer to wear underneath….and so it sat neglected for many years!


I have a serious lace addiction. This one was closeted for a long time!

I chopped the lacey tank straps and sewed them onto my dress.

I thought about adding a full panel of lace in the back, but failed to consider the fact that I actually have to get the dress past my shoulders of my hips to get it on!! So, I needed something with stretch, or the addition of non-stretchy fabric with some sort of fastener. But who wants to learn how to put in a zipper? Well I do want to learn, but not today! Zipper procrastination…am I the only one??

I figured using a skinny elastic would work. Covered with (drum roll…dum dum dummmmm…) you guessed it- LACE! This time, I basted the elastic/lace to the back of the dress, tried it on, basted again, tried it on, and then sewed it down with a zigzag when I was happy with the fit.  Nonna, you’d be proud!! Nonna bastes EVERYTHING before the final sew down!


Stretch that elastic!

Here’s the fruit of my labour (which actually wasn’t that long, compared to previous refashions):


It’s cold…should I really take the jacket off?


Am I doing a good job of pretending it’s summer?

I’m not entirely happy with how the lace is flopped over, but I could say the look I’m going for is shabby chic?!


And now…the back, post attack!

See what I mean??


Droopy lace!

Ah well, I can live with it! It’s breezy and will be great when it’s hot 🙂

Part two of two to come soon!






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