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Awkward length blazer refash

I found this sweet just-like-new blazer at value village for 10 bucks! The brand is “Kensie” (probably cost about $70.00 originally) with a lovely linen/cotton mix. It was obviously too wide for me, but the armpit holes fit well. A slightly awkward length.



Taking in the blazer was done with technical precision…NOT! I basically pinched in both sides and approximated the measurement. Then turned it inside out and pinned it down. I tried to make the angle of the line even by marking the centre of the length, marking it, and then drawing a chalk line.


She can’t draw a straight line!

What I should have done at this point was to measure where my natural waist is in comparison to the bottom of the blazer. But I got distracted my idea to add this awesome material to the bottom of the blazer (material from the lovely Annette!). One side was already hemmed for me (yay!). I measured the required fabric for the bottom panel very technically as well- by wrapping it around my torso and holding my finger close to where I could chop it! I folded the material over, and added a few cms for seam allowance. Then it was chop time.


This material is so pretty!

I used my over edge foot and the “serging” stitch to neaten the raw edges. Then turned the material to the wrong side (matching the amount turned up on the already completed hem), ironed it and pinned it down. I think my iron is appreciating all the extra attention since I started sewing!!

Luckily, I had some thread that matched this material perfectly! I would have liked to do an invisible hem, but I think it would have added too much weight to the hem with this material. I sewed down the hem with a basic straight stitch, and I managed to keep things relatively even (I think). Next step was pinning the bottom panel to the blazer.


Pin pin pin!

Next, I sewed the bottom panel to the blazer with a topstitch on the right side of the blazer. I thought about doing a seam here, but figured this would add too much weight at the seam, and would likely result in awkward bulging.

I failed to realize that there was no shaping in the blazer, and didn’t create any in the bottom panel….annnnnd so, I was very sad when I put it on and it looked like THIS:



The bottom panel wasn’t hitting my waist to boot! A quick fix to shapen and bring things up a bit: a faux leather belt! And with some subtle tucking under of the top part of the blazer, the bottom panel was approximately at my natural waist.


Shape up!

Annnnnnnd then…


This is better!




Not bad! Different belt here.

I’ll see if I can figure out another solution. Buttons or snaps in the front to bring the bottom panel higher up? OR….seam rip the bottom panel, re-hem the blazer, and then re-attach the two…that seams- woops!- I mean seems like too much work!! The belt shall do for now.

Before                                                                                                                                                  After






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