Outdoor jacket or indoor jacket? Make up your mind!

Here’s a jacket I got at a second hand store in Montreal years ago. It sat in my closet and I was thisclose to giving it away- that was, before I had a sewing machine and ideas for refashioning. The jacket was not very functional due to the 3/4 length sleeves. I couldn’t wear it inside because it looked like an outdoor jacket, and couldn’t wear it outside because it wasn’t warm enough! Again, no real “before” pics, sorry! The original hem (can’t tell really in the photos) was straight across. I cut an asymmetrical hem (longer in the back) and chopped those sleeves off.

Photo on 2015-02-14 at 16.09 #2


Photo on 2015-02-14 at 16.09

Bottom already chopped off here. Sleeves have gotta go!

Oh yes, originally, it had no buttons at the front- just hook and eye type closure which didn’t really keep the two sides together. I cut the inner lining a bit shorter than the outer material so that the lining wouldn’t show with movement. Then pinned and hemmed both lining and outer material (separately of course) with a zigzag stitch-I hope this has some staying power.

I used my button hole foot for the first time. After many failed button hole attempts, tangled up bobbin thread requiring a disassembly of the plate, I finally got a semi decent buttonholes on scrap fabrics. I was quite nervous to do it on the real fabric, but it actually worked out (THANKFULLY!). Then I hand sewed red buttons (from my nonna’s huge stash) onto the jacket. Woot woot!

After reading some blogging tips, I am now going to (try) to follow the photo recommendations- showing my head with a REAL camera.  This will require some effort on my part!


I’m so happy about my new jacket!

Photo on 2015-02-14 at 16.11 #2

Quality is bad here, but the asymmetrical hem is more evident


Le back


Mismatched buttons

The now indoor jacket on display, outside- kind of ironic? I’m not looking unimpressed or cold at all! It was an attempt to get some natural lighting in the photo.


These self photos will take some practice!


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