I’m a sucker for polka dots and lace

This dress caught my eye at value village, for a thrifty $7.99. The tag says made in Canada- a real vintage piece! Here’s the dress in it’s original form, sans shoulder pads, which I had already seam ripped out of there. The dress was too tight around my waist and hips. Dress forms aren’t totally useless in the wrong size- they can still be used for draping and display, right?!

The girl loves her polka dots!

My plan was to make it into a cute jacket. But very much like my last project, this project also went in a direction I wasn’t planning.

I used 4 way stretch jersey material for the skirt and ruffled the top (a tad because I didn’t do this technique properly :0 ). The initial plan was to make the front of the jersey shorter and the back longer for an asymmetrical jacket.

Ruffled bits!

Ruffled bits!

Then I added the jersey skirt to the the polka dot top. it ended up a scandalously short for a dress, and not really jacket-ish!

Oospies! TOO SHORT!


Back to the drawing board. I had some black lace material (can you tell I love lace?!) I got on sale at Fabricland in the scraps/end of the roll section. I used my overedge foot and the “serging” stitch for the first time to neaten up the edges of the lace. In hindsight, I should have used tape or paper to give the lace some structure while sewing. Oh well, the edges are a bit scalloped but it looks alright. I attached the lace to an old elastic belt I found in the bowels of my closet. Now the lace+belt can be used as a funky extra layer for several of my skirts/dresses.

The wrong side of the belt

The wrong side of the belt

Here’s the finished product:


Better than I thought!


Asymmetry in the back 🙂

 Unique, multifunctional, and quite funky if I do say so myself.


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